At some stage of life, that thought may have crossed your mind. You may have thought it out during your years at junior school. You may even have started penning your own novel in one of your exercise books. Many of you even took up the creative idea of crafting your own graphic novels. Little did you know at the time perhaps that this was one genre well worth exploring in later years. Of course, the suspense novel continues to be pursued by large publishing houses and millions of budding novelists across the world.

There is a good reason for that. Divide the suspense novel into its numerous sub-genres and you are looking at a potentially lucrative market. This market has in the last few years expanded. It has not been diminished by any means. Print book publishing is still very much in vogue but there is a need to cater for new markets that wish to divulge themselves with the latest software, digital and now cloud computing technologies.

But how easily so many folks give up. Even those who spent a number years honing their formative talents at grad school gave up. No doubt about it, writing is extremely hard work. Crafting a Pulitzer Prize winning novel or a New York Times bestseller can take many years. Or it can take six months. Yes, it is possible to have that brilliant spurt of creative energy that allows you to complete just one manuscript which will be read by a commissioning editor.

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But this is where it becomes harder still. The document still needs to see the light of day by way of the literary or marketing agent. To cut corners, many aspiring and ambitious writers have proceeded nevertheless to self publish their work.